Verses of Valdimar
Roy you are such a loser, but as far as losers go, you're one of the cooler ones.... by the way... It might not have been Indianapolis


well as long as its ur shaft, i dont mind =]


So glad you’re my future bestie :D

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 14: One I’ve Drifted From

To My Former Friend of the Night:

Yeah, so I’m a few days behind since my computer wouldn’t load tumblr. I guess I’ll try to mass produce? Anyways, here’s to you Melinda Song.

Remember when we had much fun?

We use to sleep in vans and cars:

Sometimes under the shining sun,

Others right beneath twinkling stars.

We’d suffer together in class

Just to snuggle on the way back.

Then we would have to part alas

And bring our eyes out from the black.

The light would pierce our crying eyes;

We would groan moan and cringe in pain

As our pupils shrunk to resize,

And our vision we could regain.

But now you have so betrayed me

To take class at another time.

We have drifted, can you not see?

You have now committed a crime.

With interests in sleeping with you,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 13: One I wish to Forgive Me

To the dear owner of the recipient of letter 11:

Away from home you were this week,

Running and playing to our west,

Until I found Poseidon meek.

Nevertheless, I wish you the best.

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30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 12: One Who Caused Pain

To the old man of the devil, Vern Gambetta:

Vern, you have caused us swimmers pain

Even more than Roch or Chris Plumb.

Recall us ball slamming in the rain?

Never has dryland been this dumb!

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30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 11: A Deceased One

To the one I have sadly killed:

You used to swim with such grace

Through the water, so clean, so clear

With a smooth and leasurely pace.

'Twas a pleasure to watch you my dear.

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30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 10: One Not Talked To Enough

To the one and only Claudia Huang:

Hey there buddy! Long time no see!

You helped design our ARML tee.

Together we sit and fail at class.

With Lyndon acting like an *ear*.

You’re so random, crazy, and fun.

When will your math camp be done?

We need to do something before school.

Running at night? Chilling at the pool?

Soccer is your life, your soul.

I want to watch you score a goal.

I’d watch the game, “One one!” I’d shout!

Of course you’d score, there is no doubt!

Alas, this letter must come to end.

So, here’s my message to you my friend.

You need to come back from there!

So we can adventure! Who knows where?

With the utmost desire to speak more often,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 9: One to Meet

Dearest Tom Bu:

Tennessee used to be our home.

Over its hills, we would roam.

Merry kids we were!

But now, tis a blur.

Unclear as the sea’s white foam.

Let’s meet again one day,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day Eight: Internet Friend

Dearest Best Internet Pal Ever:

Jenny you are a fun lass,

Exciting and full of class!

Never too boring!

Ne’er have me snoring!

You humor me with your sass!

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30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 7: Ex-Love

To the person I used to adore:

I think you know just who you are.

For just a while you were my star.

I used to love the way you talk.

Your face, body, genius, and walk.

This may be weird for you to hear.

But I was head o’er heels my dear.

We used to talk way more than now.

But I don’t like you anyhow.

Sure I’d love you to be my bud.

Now I don’t want to mix our blood.

We should be friends, but we are not.

We have not yelled and have not fought.

There’s nothing really to stop us.

No major differences to fuss.

I want to be pals but it’s hard.

Compared to you, I’m such a lard.

I had no chance, and you know that.

To you I’m a dumb lump of fat.

Yet I still chased you, but no more.

My heart’s no longer hurt or sore.

Now that I do not adore you.

We should talk and be best friends too!

Still loving you for being the great person you are,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 6: Stranger

To that stranger who is destined to receive this letter:

I’m glad you have received this lovely sheet.

Now we must arrange for us two to meet.

I want to know your body and your mind.

Whether you are sweet, cuddly, or kind.

I know we could be friends if we just tried.

Don’t feel stopped by a long-distance plane ride.

I think you should first talk to me online.

You can request to be a friend of mine.

I feel as if you finding this is fate.

Perhaps we should find a possible date.

I ought to give you that number of mine.

Three one seven two oh five twelve oh nine.

I don’t have texting though, but don’t be shy.

Just give me a call, it is worth a try.

I would just love to meet you face to face.

Soon we’ll be buds traveling all o’er the place!

Wanting to meet you,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 5: Dreams

To my night mares as good dreams never come to me:

So, this could be interpreted to either be addressed to dreams like “I have a dream” or dreams like “I had a dream”. Being that I don’t really have the type that you HAVE, I shall be writing to the type that you had?

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30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 4: Closest Relative

To the young man who is apparently my only cousin:

I just found out you had a sis,

And your mom is dead too.

I heard her car just went amiss,

And your sister’s now two.

I have not met you face-to-face,

And want to know you more.

I would love to fly to your place,

And pop up at your door.

I think you are about my age,

And a bit older than me.

I hope that we’re on the same page,

And someday meet joyf’lly.

We’ll be best buds one day. Looking forward to seeing you,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 3: Parents

To my one in only mother (and my father who imitates her):

You think you know what’s good for me,

But I think I’d know the best.

You yell “Be more like Chris Ri,

"Ryndon, and all the rest!"

You claim that I don’t eat enough.

Let my stomach judge that.

You say girl pals make me less tough.

You’re a gal too you brat.

You stop me from leaving to play,

Shouting “Do your SAT!”

You should realize that even Ray

Can go watch a movie.

You wish that I were a bit more smart,

Like Ivy Yan and Youkow.

You hold that we are far apart,

Me being far down below.

You lock my bikes up and feel joy,

As I weep in sorrow.

You want me to be a no-life boy,

Studying straight through morrow.

You fail to see that I’m not dumb.

I know what need be done.

You hate to see me after I’ve swum,

And just long for me to run.

You need to see that ‘twas your choice.

Now there’s no turning back.

You ought to listen to your voice,

And please cut me some slack.

You walk in just to yell at me

To check your horoscope.

You wonder why I’d love to flee

And claim that you can’t cope.

You sleep more than half the day.

Yet still whine of fatigue.

You shun those who’re black, white, or gay,

Claiming you’re beyond their league.

You ask why parents do fear you,

Acting so “pretty” and nice.

You treat your co-workers like poo,

But still ask their advice.

You dream of moving back far east.

Actually do it please!

You know you like Carmel the least.

Release it from your squeeze!

My friends, my school, my town, and I

Would just love to hear you say “Bye Bye!”

With the sincerest passion, your son,

—Roymond Chen

30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 2: Crush

To the person whom I am wildly chasing:

I know you are out there for me,

Either far far away or near.

I don’t know what your name may be,

Come whisper it in my ear!

I want you to love who I am,

Not the guy you wish I was.

I don’t want our love to seem a scam,

Only true as everyone does.

I love your body, your dashing guise,

Your character and bright mind.

I don’t love those who judge with eyes,

But not how your heart’s designed.

I dream of you every night.

Wondering just who you are.

I don’t dream of how we may fight,

Cause we’ll heal and never scar.

I wish that we will someday meet,

Preferably some time soon.

I don’t wish for any grandiose feat.

Just a fun, trite afternoon.

Loving and chasing you more and more each day,

—Roymond Chen